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As everyone knows how the stock market works. It is all about having profits and losses. When this market was introduced, people had to buy the stock physically from the counter of the companies. Then online systems were introduced, and people were able to get access to the stock trading market from their systems.

Now the technology has got more advanced because now you can find stock trading app south Africa that will help you to do the trading whenever you want.

Benefits you get if you use stock trading app South Africa

Here are the benefits you will have if you start using the stock trading app south Africa:

1. Access to market all the time

When you have an office job, there are going to be fixed timings for it. Stock trading has no work limit. You can do trading 24*7. Now you don’t have to do the stock trading over your desktop system. You need to download the stock trading app on your phone.

Whenever you feel like now, you have extra time, and you want to have a look at the market rates, you need to unlock your phone and start trading.

2. Convenient trading

When you get access to the stock trading app all the time, you’ll know the rates of the market. When the market hits the right peak, you can sell or buy stocks. You don’t have to wait to start your system for stock trading anymore.

This app system will only make trading more convenient, and there is not going to be a time limit, having the updated stock prices all the time. This strategy of using a stock trading app might save you from getting heavy losses.

  1. 3. More security

Well, you are going to have money in your account because you will be buying and selling stocks all the time. The apps used for online stock trading offers more security. It will; get secured with a password. Only you will get access to your account details. So using an app for online trading over your phone only makes the trading safer.

No one is going to know how much credit you have in your account and how many stocks you have. There are no chances that someone will be able to hack your account at any time.

4. Easy transaction and withdrawal system

There is not going to desk dealing for buying and selling stocks. The app will make this process so much easier. You can invest whenever you want and when you think it is time to get out of the market, simply log out.

The withdrawal procedure is all quite easy. As with one click, you get the amount in your account you earned from the stock market.

5. Application with full of features

You get all the information about the stock market like in graphs when the stocks are the highest rate and when any company is facing loss. From that information, you get to know that when is the right time for the investment. It will show the current market stock rate and what might happen next.

Such apps offer many other features like support chat, or if anything happens with your account, you get help at the spot.

6. Low fees

There are apps that might ask for sign-up fees, but mostly they don’t. This is one of the beneficial facts about using stock market apps that they don’t charge high fees for opening an account.

There is not going to be any commission on your every investment. There are apps where you can set the commission fees that will stay the same for every single investment you make while using it. Most of the time, the apps don’t cut any commission fees from your account.

Top South Africa stock trading apps

Here is the best stock trading app in South Africa that you might use if you are interested in stock trading at your own ease:

1. eToro

It is one of the most recommended app that has been introduced to date. It is a completely commission-free stock app with low stock spreads. It supports both copy and social trading. You can use your bank account for the trading, or you can use a credit or debit card plus e-wallets.

2. Libertex

You can trade CFDs with zero spreads while using this app. You will set the commission rate that you are going to pay every time you trade, and it won’t increase or decrease with time. It will stay the same. It has more range of stocks, and it does accept bank account, credit or debit card as well as e-wallets for the trading.

It is a licensed app in South Africa, so nothing is illegal about trading through this stock trading app.

3. Plus500

It has a low spread, and there is not going to be any commission over any of your trading investments, whether you earn profit or loss. It more than 2000 stock CFDs. The signup process is quite easy, and it does have a built-in chat tool, so you get the support whenever you need it.

You can deposit money in your account while using your debit or credit card whenever you want, and this process won’t take much time.


This stock trading app will improve your chances of winning profit every time you invest. It is a fully education-based mobile trading app with a leverage rate of up to 1:100. It won’t cut any commission fee from your account.

The final words:

Do you still have any doubt about using the Stock trading app in South Africa, or have you finally decided which app you are going to download on your phone? Well, all the apps we have mentioned above are with the best features and services. Plus, you get all the support you need from those best stock trading apploca in South Africa.

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