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Crypto trading has gained immense popularity among the traders of South Africa. Many traders are looking forward to investing in cryptocurrency, also known as a digital currency, to generate a stable income. However, crypto trading is not as easy it seems. Although the market of the cryptocurrency remains high, unusual steps, including not choosing the right crypto trading platform, can make crypto trading difficult.

Today, we’re going to talk about the best crypto trading platform South Africa that you can choose to benefit from the trending digital currencies. In addition to this, we’ll also provide you with some of the most crucial features and benefits of these best Crypto Trading platform South Africa.

Crypto trading platforms in South Africa

There are many crypto trading platforms South Africa. However, we’re going to discuss only the best ones. They are:

  • Alpari
  • Binance


Alpari is considered the best crypto trading platform South Africa because of its vital features and the benefits that it provides to its customers.


There are numerous features that Alpari has. Some of the most significant ones are listed below.

  • Fully regulated

One of the most important aspects of crypto trading is trust. Without trust, traders hesitate to trade and invest in trade, after all, it’s an unpredictable market. Therefore, Alpari is fully aware of that, and that is why it is fully regulated by Financial Services Commission (FSA).

This means that the crypto trading that is done among the South African traders is genuine and reliable. Alpari also offers its clients a negative balance protection policy.

  • Trading accounts and platforms

Alpari also gives clients the opportunity to open an ECN trading account. And offers some of the most advanced crypto platforms, like MetaTrader 4. Through the ECN MT4, account crypto traders are able to directly access the global market. Moreover, it is user-friendly.

  • Mobile trading platform

Alpari allows its users to trade crypto on their mobile. The interface is smooth, and your transactions remain safe and secure. You can view crypto charts, including bars, candlesticks, and lines that help you earn a higher profit from crypto trading.

Various timeframes and indicators also provide you to analyze the volatile crypto market of South Africa.


Some of the benefits of the Alpari crypto trading platform are specified below.

  • Abundant resources

Alpari is considered the best crypto trading platform South Africa because it has abundant resources related to crypto. Through these resources, you can learn everything related to crypto. This is a plus point for beginners as they lack significant knowledge about crypto trading.

  • Low commissions and spreads

The crypto commissions are low as $1.5/ lot. For standard ECN MT4 accounts start from 0.4 pips. In this way, traders can earn more while spending less. Hence, Alpari is a cost-effective crypto trading platform.

  • Fast withdrawals

Through Alpari, you can withdraw your crypto money at a faster rate.

  • Astounding trading conditions

Like forex trading, crypto trading includes different styles of trading. Both experienced and novice crypto traders have different trading styles. All of these styles are met by Alpari, and therefore, it has amazing trading conditions that uplift the morale of crypto traders. Hence, it is the best crypto trading platform South Africa.


Binance is another best crypto trading platform in South Africa due to its extensive features and benefits.


Binance crypto trading platform has the following features:

  • 24/7 support

Binance is the world’s leading crypto trading platform which has hundreds of professionals having immense experience in the South African crypto market. These professionals guide you to take the necessary steps that are required for you to earn profit in the volatile crypto market.

You can according to your convenience ask these professionals if you’re facing any doubt related to crypto. They are available 24/7, and timing is not an issue with the professional team of Binance. Just because of this reason, it is considered the best crypto trading platform in South Africa.

  • Easy to buy and sell crypto

You can easily buy and sell crypto without going through all of the unnecessary steps and filing system. Through Binance, you simply have to create your account, verify your id, and buy cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

  • Accepts a wide range of currencies

Another significant feature of Binance is that it accepts a wide range of currencies and other stable coins. This means that non-South African residents can also buy the cryptocurrency from Binance and trade in the South African crypto market.


Binance provides some of the best benefits to its clients. Some of the most popular and effective ones are specified below.

  • Forked coins supported

Binance is one of the very few crypto trading platforms which support fork coins. This is a plus point for the crypto traders who want to earn higher revenue.

Basically, what happens is that as soon as the fork happens, i.e.; change in the protocol of the cryptocurrency, you get the same number of coins from the fork.

  • You get commissions

By inviting your friends on Binance through a referral link, you are able to get commissions. This commission gives you the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. This can also boost up the confidence of crypto traders, particularly novice ones. Thus, it is known as the best crypto trading platform South Africa.

  • Diversity

Binance allows its clients to trade between a variety of different cryptocurrencies. This creates some diversification in the market, and as a result, other digital currencies also tend to rise. Hence, it is the best crypto trading platform South Africa.


The above-specified are the best crypto trading platform South Africa. If you are looking to buy cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin from a reliable source, then make sure to check out these trading platforms.

Make sure you have the patience while investing in bitcoin as things can float upside down in crypto trading.

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